BANFF 2014

19-20 April 2014
Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta

What's Visionaire about?

From Muhammad Alshareef:

There’s a legendary story of how, one day in Madinah University, when I was only 17 years old, I knew an American classmate. As we walked back from our cafeteria lunch, I cocked my head to the sky, and said, “Listen, can I ask you a question?”

He said, “Sure.”

I said, “One day when I graduate, in sha Allah, I’m thinking to open a night school type of Islamic education program—I don’t know maybe I’ll call it AlMaghrib. If I did that, would you be willing to work for me?”

That young ‘cute’ Vietnamese American student smiled and said, “Maybe.” :)

You now take instruction from Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya, from Seattle Washington, at AlMaghrib Institute. He has been an instructor for the past 7 years now. (I offered him to be an instructor 9 years before even launching AlMaghrib Institute).

Let me get straight to the point and say it LOUD and say it CLEAR:

In sha Allah, for those who experience Visionaire 2014 in Banff, Alberta…

Your DUA will NEVER be the same again!
Your SALAH will NEVER be the same again!
Your LIFE will NEVER be the same again!

Forget the old cliche of “this event changed my life.”

With Visionaire you will say, “Visionaire not only changed my life, it DESIGNED my greatest life EVER! It has touched EVERYTHING! To my CORE!”

Finally, a RETREAT that will take the CORE of YOUR DEEN and DUNYA and design your GREATEST LIFE EVER based on that!

The BRILLIANCE of Visionaire is that it is not in doing something AWAY from ISLAM that will bring this about. Your GREATEST LIFE is FULLY GROUNDED in Worshipping ALLAH through Niyyah, Dua, and Ibadah.


I promise you this: there is NO ONE and NOWHERE where this is being taught.


The Visionaire Formula

The steps that will change your duas forever
Step 1:
Get inspired
Step 2:
Select your dream duas
Dream duas checklist
Step 3:
Internalize your duas
Vision board
Step 4:
Milestone your duas visually
Step 5:
Start your dua habit

-Dua recipe
-Eman and Taqwa recipe
-Daily dua habit
-The names of ALLAH
-Roadmap Forward

Where will Visionaire take place?

Learn where is it and how to get there
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, 405 Spray Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada, T1L 1J4

As I said last time I took Visionaire- it upgraded my life, alhamdulillah it has upgraded my life even further... I have actually lived from miracles of Allah SWT since the last retreat!!!!!!

Imran Khan

This was the best weekend of my life. I woke up today feeling so positive, so excited, completely like a different person eager to make dua to Allah!
I am connected to my Lord in a special way now alhumdulilah!

Bushra Murad

Visionaire has helped me refocus my life especially on the connection we have with Allah swt! I make better Duas and I am more grateful -ALHUMDULILLAH!!!

Sabika Makhdoom

The Geico ad where the man is soo empowered he thinks he can juggle power-saws best explains how the retreat impacted my life. For a whole I felt that I had the power to "walk on water". The challenge is to maintain that feeling, that through Allah all things are possible.

Khadijah Jean Pryce

Your duas get better with time!
I found this to be true when comparing my duas from this visionnaire course and the previous one from 6 months ago. So if my duas get better with time, then whatever opportunities that await me in the future can only get better & better! :) I’m super excited. Alhamdulilah.


People who are yet to attend have to experience it themselves! As for me it's too difficult to put down this beautiful and spiritual experience in words.


Subhanallah Visionaire was SO Amazing! The power of Dua WOW! I didn’t want it to end and I feel my dreams are now at my fingertips. JazakhAllah Khayr for such a wonderful course. This course has given me clarity, for where I am heading.



Have all your questions answered here
1. What does enrolment include specifically?
Enrolment at the Visionaire Banff Retreat 2014, The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Saturday- Sunday, 19th- 20th April 2014.
2. What does enrolment not include?
Enrolment does not include the following:

-Transportation costs
-Accommodation costs (If one wishes to stay at the Hotel, the delegate must book directly with the Hotel at their own expense)
-Meal costs
3. What time does the retreat start on Saturday?
The retreat will start 10 am sharp on the morning of Saturday 19th April
4. What time does the retreat end on Sunday?
We aim to finish at 7pm on the evening of Sunday 20th April
5. What is the location of the retreat?
Visionaire will take place at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, 405 Spray Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada, T1L 1J4, find more information about the venue here:
6. What do I need to bring with me?
Amongst the thing you are going to bring, the following is a reminder of some items you’ll need:

-Notepad and pen (You’ll receive a Visionaire Workbook, but it’s always a good idea to have ample space in your own notebook).
-Warm outdoor clothing (There will be times when we might spend above one hour outside near the Lake. So make sure to bring suitable clothing).
-Snacks for in room munching. (You don’t want to spend all your money every time you get the itching for a snack).
-Laptop (You may wish to do some Visionaire activities with your laptop).
7. How to contact DiscoverU before the event?
Contact Support on:

North America: 732-645-2703
UK: 0207 096 0492
8. How do I sign up for Visionaire Banff 2014?
To book your place on this once in a lifetime retreat call on:

North America: 732-645-2703
UK: 0207 096 0492
For more information email:
9. Where should I book my accommodation?
You can stay at the same hotel or book at a hotel close by. 'Rimrock Resort Hotel' and 'Sunshine Mountain Lodge' are hotels closer to the venue. You can also check the following link for more information:
10. Where can I purchase my meals from during the weekend?
Lunch will be provided by DiscoverU on both the days of the retreat at the venue.
11. What is the Visionaire Banff 2014 registration price? Are there any discounts available?
For more information on registration price and group discounts please contact DiscoverU Support on:

North America: 732-645-2703
UK: 0207 096 0492